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We Transport Hydrogen Using Compressed Gas Tube Storage Trailers

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Hydrogen Virtual Pipeline Services

As the world looks to decarbonize, much investment and focus in on H2. Gray, blue or green, all versions of hydrogen make a positive impact on our environment.  

We're no strangers to hydrogen. Many years ago we were integral in a pilot program the blended hydrogen with methane for the purpose of creating a more efficient fuel for industrial power generation. We compressed and transported this blend and packaged it to fuel industrial generators. This 80/20 blend of CH4 and H2 reduced emissions and was a strong step forward towards the hydrogen economy. 

Whether you're creating H2 from electrolysis, steam-methane reforming, or high temperature pyrolysis, the hydrogen created likely needs to be transported to end customers to be useful. 


We create a hydrogen virtual pipeline to deliver gases to end customers/uses. We compress and load H2 into our Type 3 Tube Trailers. Pressured to 4200 PSI, our type 3, carbon wrapped, full aluminum bodied storage cylinders have zero permeation - which is even more relevant as H2 is a molecule that is both lighter and smaller than CH4. Our tube trailers hold and transport 288MCF of H2 - the equivalent of 675 Kg. 

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