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Natural Gas: truck delivered DIRECT to your location

Our “over the road” natural gas pipeline supplies gas direct to your location: Wherever you need it, no pipeline connection required


No Pipeline, No Problem

​Our services provide natural gas to off-pipe locations.

Constructing a new natural gas pipeline is expensive, time prohibitive and often times not environmentally feasible. 


Natural Gas Virtual Pipeline Services deploy quickly, are financially sustainable and enable you to immediately reap the benefits of utilizing natural gas at your location.

Solutions & Applications

Virtual Pipeline Solutions for Natural Gas Supply

We Procure Gas > Compress Gas to Load Trailers > Haul to Your Location > Deliver Gas at Your Required Pressure and Flow Rate

How It Works

Natural Gas Virtual Pipeline

Known in the industry as a "virtual pipeline": 

  • We procure natural gas and compress it into our mobile natural gas storage trailers.

  • We transport the compressed natural gas (CNG) over the road to your location.

  • At your location, we unload our storage trailer and de-compress the gas.

  • When our trailers are connected to your natural gas pipe infrastructure, gas flows from our trailers to your operation at the pressure you require.

  • When our trailer gets low on gas, we replace it - without interrupting your service - with another full trailer providing a sustainable natural gas supply.

Compressed Natural Gas CNG Bulk Storage Trailer

Natural Gas is a Low Carbon Fuel: Cost Savings and Emissions Improvements

  • Reduce Carbon Emissions Through Clean-Burning Natural Gas

  • Save on Fuel Compared to Diesel and Propane Alternatives

  • Sustainable Natural Gas Supply Delivered Direct to Your Location/Project/Operation

Industries Served

Our Services

CNG Equipment Leasing

Leasing and rentals: CNG storage tube trailers and depressurization equipment

Natural Gas Supply, Delivery

Turnkey solutions to deliver a sustainable supply of natural gas direct to your site

CNG Storage Pod for Bulk CNG Transporting
CNG Tube Trailer Offloading RNG Gas into National Gas Grid

RNG Virtual Pipeline Services

Complete RNG hauling services: compression, loading, transport, offloading, injection

CNG Equipment Solutions

Tube trailers and pressure reduction equipment: engineered and manufactured inhouse

Cylinder Re-certification

Recertifying CNG cylinders for Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements

About Us

Reliable People with a Dependable Solutions

Our roots are in emergency power generation. For more than 30 years, we've supported critical infrastructure facilities with emergency and backup power. We know how critical 100% uptime is to your operation.

Over the past 10 years, we've successfully helped hundreds of customers and projects with our natural gas solutions. Whatever your project and natural gas application is, we know you need to rely on a safe, steady and sustainable service. We are that team - reliable people with a dependable natural gas solution - so you can successfully run your business.

CNG Direct Production Team

Generator and Engine Services

Generator Services Logo_green&blue23.png

Industrial Generator Solutions: Rentals, Packaging, and Service Natural Gas, Diesel and Bi-Fuel

D2G Initial Logo_altronic colors_3.png

Altronic Ignition and Control Systems for Natural Gas Engines and Compressors. Custom Natural Gas Power Solutions

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