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Providing Additional Natural Gas Supply so you can Operate at Full Capacity

Supplemental gas supply

Supplemental Gas Supply

Commercial and Industrial plants experience increased seasonal demands or new demands for natural gas due to plant expansions. These gas demands can be more than the currently utility infrastructure can provide. Utility meter upgrades and supply line enhancements can require long lead times and  prone to project delays.

Your operations are caught in between – needing to increased gas flow to operate at full capacity – but unable to procure the gas required.

CNG Direct’s natural gas virtual pipeline can supplement utility natural gas supply and fully fuel your plant and operation.  By installing compressed natural gas storage and connecting to your main gas line, we can monitor your pipeline pressure and add additional gas supply when the line pressure drops.

Said another way, we are a back up source of gas that only flows when your main line drops below a set pressure.

Don't Compromise Your Operations

Without the natural gas volumes and supply you require, you're not fully operational.

CNG Direct supplies you the gas you need to run fully 100%.

Supplemental Gas

CNG Direct Difference

CNG Direct builds its own check valve regulator systems that successfully deliver supplemental gas on a set pressure.

We procure gas, deliver it to your site, remotely monitor gas volumes and replenish the onsite gas to create a sustainable solution that ensures you can run your plant at full capacity.

Through our solutions, you're only using our gas with when your connected utility line drops too low in pressure. You only pay for the gas you actually use and so there’s no penalty for un-used gas.

Natural Gas Supply Connected via 2 inch Connection

Industries Served

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