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Safety is our primary concern


Safety Priority

Safety starts from the top down. CNG Direct owner, president, management and employees are fully committed and engaged in a workplace culture that believes safety and the wellbeing of our employees, partners, customers, jobsites is the top priority. That safety culture is lived out everyday by our team in what ever capacity we are working.

Safety of our team, customers, partners and job sites is our primary concern. CNG Direct has a dedicated, full-time Safety Director that leads our efforts with companywide trainings, updates, and implementation of regulatory and contractor/client safety requirements and standards.

We are fully licensed and insured carrier of Hazmat-rated Compressed Natural Gas Fuels. 

CNG Direct is a recognized as an approved company for retesting and re-certification of CNG cylinder for compliance with DOT and PHSMA

Our Safety Record

  • Zero Loss Time Injuries

  • DOT Hazmat: Highest Safety Rating

  • "A" Ratings with all Partner/Clients

  • Meeting ISNET's World Class Safety, Risk Management and Compliance Standards

  • Veriforce Verified

CNG Safety

As with any fuel source, natural gas is flammable.

However, natural gas is widely considered a safe fuel as it's used on thousands of natural gas vehicles (NGV) worldwide. 

Natural gas is lighter than air meaning any leaking gases vent into the atmosphere. Natural gas also has a much higher combustion temperature than diesel.  It also requires a very specific air mix ratio (between 5 and 15%) to combust. All characteristics combined, natural gas will not combust in the case of an accident.

CNG storage cylinders are tested and certified by the Department of Transportation, Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA), and ISO Standardizations.

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