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Transporting RNG through virtual pipeline services so developers can monetize stranded renewable natural gas assets

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RNG Project Development

As we all work to reduce greenhouse gases and decarbonize, CNG Direct offers experience and transportation solutions to renewable natural gas projects.

Biogas is generated from waste feed stocks, through anaerobic digestion. Biomethane is created when the gas is upgraded and conditioned, removing impurities so that it can be used in the national gas grid.

But when traditional gas pipeline infrastructure is not available, is too costly to construct, or is simply not feasible, CNG Direct trucks RNG via virtual pipeline services from the gas’ origin location to a utility interconnect location.

Whether your feedstocks are dairy, swine, poultry, woody biomass, landfill, wastewater or other, our RNG solutions can help transport your renewable natural gas and get it to market.

We collaborate with developers and engineering teams to create project specific solutions for conditioning, compressing, RNG loading, RNG transportation and logistics, tube trailers, offloading, sales metering, decanting and injecting gas into grid.  It’s our goal to help create the most efficient solutions while deeply considering redundancy, uptime and expandability.

RNG Virtual Pipeline Scope

  • Compression: compressing RNG to 3600+ PSI

  • Loading: injecting natural gas (CNG/RNG) into pressurized storage tube trailers for transport

  • Hauling: transporting CNG/RNG trailers via truck over the road from gas origin to destination

  • Offloading: emptying CNG/RNG trailers by depressurizing gas

  • Gas Grid Injection: supplying RNG into the utility gas grid pipeline

RNG Virtual Pipeline

CNG Direct Difference

As an inhouse manufacturer of CNG tube trailers and CNG depressurization equipment, we intimately understand the equipment and engineering required to compress, transport and decompress gas.

Our solutions take into consideration the high value associated each MMBTU of RNG gas, minimizing potential loss and slippage.  

Our CNG transportation and logistics teams are led by employee-drivers. We do not outsource to 3rd party transporters for our RNG hauling projects. This provides greater longevity and experience, delivering a reliable and sustainable service.  Our team becomes and extension of your team.

We offer our partners a variety of financial options and can work with your preferred financial structures – whether that is purchase, lease, rent or a combination.  We desire to fit your model, not the other way around.

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Solutions & Applications

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