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Natural Gas Fueled Water Pump for Agriculture

Replace diesel and propane fueled engines with natural gas. Save fuel costs and the environment.

Natural Gas Generator Empowers California Dairy Operation

Agriculture Applications

Remote Power Generation

Agricultural operations that are far removed from traditional utilities in remote locations typically use diesel fuel or propane to power engines, heaters, pumps and other equipment.

Natural gas can be safely delivered direct to your site – just like diesel and propane – but at reduced costs.


Natural gas fuel will save you money compared to diesel and/or propane – especially if you are powering large loads for extended times.

In addition to fuel savings, natural gas fueled engines are also better on the environment with nearly zero emissions.

We provide both natural gas generators (200kW - 5MW) and fueling services to create a complete solution for your remote power application

Cheaper than propane and diesel fuels

  • Natural gas is cheaper than diesel and propane - even when truck-delivered direct to your location

  • Natural gas burns more efficiently and therefore creates less emissions than all other fossil fuels

  • Natural gas engines are easier to permit with local air districts due to lower emissions

  • Natural gas generators are more reliable with less downtime than tier4final diesel generators

Ag Nat Gas Solutions

Supplemental Gas Supply

Agricultural operations can also undergo large cyclical swings of natural gas usage for boilers, dryers, heaters and any other gas dependent equipment. When peak operations demand more gas than is available through your connected utility, operations have to be halted or reduced.

CNG Direct can provide additional sources of natural gas to supplement your utility feed allowing operations to run at full capacity without compromise.

Peak Shaving

Electrical prices spike in the summer during standard business operation hours. Natural gas fueled generators can help shed electrical load during peak electrical demand. The cost of natural gas generated electricity can save operations compared to peak summer electrical rates.

CNG Trailer Supplies Natural Gas for Industrial Operation

Solutions & Applications

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