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Short Term Natural Gas Supply via CNG Virtual Pipeline Delivery

For planned outages or temporary needs, we can deliver natural gas direct to your location.


Interim Natural Gas Supply

At times, commercial and Industrial operations need to be disconnected from their utility gas line.  If they are making facility improvements or expansions, the local gas line  infrastructure needs to be turned off for a day, days, weeks or even months.  

In addition, mobile operations/plants require natural gas that moves around geographically every few days or weeks.

No matter how short a timeline or need, we deliver natural gas supply to meet your consumption.

Our virtual pipeline natural gas services can keep your gas gas flowing for as short as a few hours or as long as you need so you can continue to operate your business as usual.

Keep your natural gas flowing

Our natural gas supply delivery solution keeps you running just as if you were connected to your utility ​

Short-term Natural Gas Services

CNG Direct Difference

We right-size our natural gas onsite storage and delivery to meet your project’s gas demands. Through our fleet, which is comprised of small, medium and large compressed natural gas (CNG) storage tube trailers, we can deploy the most cost effective solution for your specific scenario.

We remove all hassle, providing a complete solution for establishing natural gas service at the right flow you require so you can run your operation at 100% - just as if you were connected to your utility gas supply.

CNG Direct Supplies Natural Gas for Commercial Toyota Building

Industries Served

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