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2MW of Natural Gas Generator Power

Natural Gas fuel for remote and off-grid power generation - reducing fuel costs while improving emissions.

CNG Virtual Pipeline to Fuel Water Pump

Natural Gas Power Generation

Many industrial and agricultural operations require power generation far removed from established utility electric and gas supply lines.

Whether it’s a water pump used to flood fields everyday, or remote camps that require sustained power, mobile natural gas generators provide energy to remote locations.

Historically, diesel and propane have been the common fuels used in off-grid, remote power generation. But there are many advantages to using natural gas over diesel and propane.

CNG Direct's over the road natural gas pipeline delivers not only gas, but new options for customers who have remote power generation needs.

Save Fuel Costs and the Environment

Natural gas generators produce nearly zero emissions. Natural gas fuel is less than diesel/propane equivalents​.

Remote Power Generation

Natural Gas Compared to Diesel & Propane

Natural gas is clean burning with nearly zero emissions. It’s also a cheaper fuel than diesel – even when delivered onsite by truck though our “over the road” pipeline services.

Natural gas engines are more reliable than diesel tier4final and require less maintenance intervals.

Natural gas also outperforms propane. Natural gas is cheaper, and due to its abundance, is much more stable in its seasonal pricing fluctuations.  It’s also safer than propane as natural gas is lighter than air and vents into the atmosphere. Propane when gasified collects and pools creating greater risks of ignition from unplanned sources.

So whether you’re looking to save money, save the environment, save yourself hassle or all of the above – natural gas fuel for off-grid power generation and has great advantages over both diesel and propane.

Natural Gas Fuel Cat Generator Supplied by CNG Tube Trailer

Industries Served

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