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Redeeming flare gas, well evacuation services, and fueling equipment

cng virtual pipeline flare gas site

Oil and Gas Applications

Redeeming Flare Gas

At volumes greater than 300 MCF per day, solutions are available for compressing and hauling natural gas from stranded wells.


Through compressed natural gas tube trailers, we can move natural gas that would other wise be vented or flared. These stranded gases represent wasted energy that contributes carbon into our atmosphere. CNG Direct can redeem your flare gas by transporting it and giving it a functional use to create energy.

Well & Pipeline Evacuation, Relief Pressure Services

CNG Direct partners to remove natural gas safely and in ways that benefit the environment for oil wells and pipelines. We can provide these services in preparation for  servicing, upgrades or decommissioning.

Redeem Flare gas and Reduce Emissions

Virtual Pipeline Services now provide economically viable solutions for utilizing stranded well head gas​

Oil and Gas Applications

Equipment Fueling

Natural gas can used to fuel and power onsite generators, drill rigs, fracking rigs, workover rigs and steam plant generation.

Stranded gases can be hauled over the road via a mobile pipeline to support the above applications.

These pipelines create new options for Oil and Gas projects, removing the requirement of traditional pipeline construction and infrastructure.


Solutions & Applications

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