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We keep gas flowing to downstream customers during pipeline infrastructure improvements and repairs.

CNG Virtual Pipeline Provides Backfill Natural Gas for Utlity Pipeline Integrity Improvements

Utility Natural Gas Backfill

Utility pipeline infrastructure requires continuous maintenance and remediation to ensure reliability and integrity.

We support pipeline integrity projects by providing backfill natural gas to ensure continuous and reliable supply for utility customers.

Through our complete mobile pipeline solutions, we procure gas, provide onsite storage via our CNG tube trailers, provide electric-heated regulators for depressurization, along all the hoses and connections to supply you gas at your specific flow and pressure.

With our fleets of CNG trailers and mobile regulator skids, we can mobilize a project as soon a tomorrow.

We offer onsite project management safety, support and security to round out of turn-key solution.

A CNG solution for most backfill needs

CNG is a more simple application and requires a smaller footprint to LNG solutions for backfill supply

Pipeline Remediation Projects

CNG Direct Difference

We utilize 340+ MCF sized tube trailers and 120+ MCFH regulators that we build inhouse.

Through systematized trailer rotations and operational logistics, we’re able supply 2000+ MCFD for your project needs.

Our dispatched CNG teams are intimately involved in the operation of our equipment because we build it from the ground up.

Safety is our primary concern and we meet ISNET’s World Class Safety, Risk Management and Compliance Standards

Utility gas backfill

Industries Served

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