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CNG Bulk Storage Tube Trailers with CNG Fueled Tractor
Compressing Natural Gas and Loading into CNG Tube Trailer Illustration

How Does a Virtual Pipeline Work?

Natural gas virtual pipelines connect customers with a sustainable source and supply of natural gas. Natural gas is delivered "over the road" - trucked in using compressed natural gas storage trailers and tractors. 

Natural gas is procured, compressed, loaded into storage trailers, trucked over the road, decompressed and connected to a customer's pipeline to supply natural gas.


Storage trailers defuel as gas is fed into the customer's gas lines. Once a trailer runs low on fuel, it is replaced with a full trailer. This trailer swap is accomplished without interruption to the gas supply. Depending on how much gas is required, trailers defuel and rotate creating a systematic and reliable gas supply solution for the customer.  

What are the Benefits of a Virtual Pipeline?

Virtual pipeline solutions open up many new options and opportunities for customers. 

  • Virtual pipelines can be established and deployed quickly as compared to construction traditional pipelines.  

  • Virtual pipelines are cost effective as compared to digging traditional pipelines over long distances.

  • Virtual pipelines can be "moved" providing customers with options to take their pipeline investments with them if they were to move locations.

  • Virtual Pipelines empower remote and off-grid operations giving customers flexibility on plant location and real-estate investments. 

CNG Tube Trailer Delivers Natural Gas to Any Location Illustration
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