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Responsive and reliable natural gas supply for downstream customers during pipeline integrity projects

CNG Decanting Equipment

Utility & Pipeline Applications

Pipeline Improvement Projects

CNG Direct can backfill up to 2000 MCF per day of natural gas using our CNG tube trailers and regulator equipment.


We procure the gas, deliver it via our compressed tube trailers and ultimately partner with utility teams onsite to maintain a seamless supply of gas as maintenance is performed upstream on pipeline infrastructure.

We coordinate a rotation of CNG trailers and “hot swap” them providing for a continuous feed. Our built-in-house heated regulator systems depressurize the gas and keep it from freezing up ensuring a constant pressure feed into pipeline.

We provide onsite management, oversight and security for pipeline remediation projects and adhere to strict safety standards to promote safe working environments.  

A seamless supply of gas during improvements

CNG virtual pipelines provide reliable, cost effective solutions for continued supply of pipeline and utility customers

Utility and Pipeline Applications

Pipeline Evacuation Services

CNG Direct provides pipeline evacuation services for pipeline remediation projects.  We remove gas from pressurized pipelines safely and through strategies that prevent gas from venting into the atmosphere where they negatively impact the environment.

Mobile Natural Gas Power for Compressor Stations

Through our sister company, Generator Services, we provide natural gas fueled mobile generators to empower natural gas line compressor stations during facility improvement and maintenance projects.

Natural Gas Generator Ultra Low Emissions

Solutions & Applications

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