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Natural Gas Flare

Helping to prevent flaring so we fully utilize  natural gas resources


Flaregas Recovery

Flaring natural gas represents a wasted energy. We eliminate stranded gas flaring by capturing gas and transporting it for use elsewhere.

Associated natural gas from petroleum operations can be piped into the national gas grid or utilized onsite for power generation, or can be injected back into oil wells to pressurize the well for additional oil production. When none of the options are available or viable, the gas is considered "stranded" and is either vented or flared. Flares of associated petroleum natural gas world wide is estimated by the World Bank at 450+ billion cubic feet per year.

Virtual pipeline services can help oil field operations prevent flaring and thereby create a sustainable use for associated natural gases. Capture and reclaiming flare gas reduces carbon emissions and can further save operational costs associated with flare permitting fees and/or fines for going over approved flare volumes.

Likewise, gas that is currently flared at wastewater facilities and landfills can also be redeemed for usage.

Monetize your flaregas

  • Separate Heavy Hydrocarbons

  • Compress Natural Gas to 3600+ PSI

  • Load into CNG Storage Trailers

  • Haul Away for Utilization Elsewhere

  • Monetize and Utilize Precious Natural Gas Resources

Flare Gas Experience

CNG Direct partners with energy producers to capture, compress and transport associated gases that would otherwise be flared. We provide a turn key service, compressing, loading and transporting nearly 1000 MCF of gas each day.

Our logistics and transportation provide a sustainable service, running the operation 365 days a year for our customers.

If you have more than 300 MCFD of stranded gas that you’re flaring, we can provide a turn key solution including compression, loading and transport. A win-win solution, we can redeem flare gas, utilizing it for a purpose which displaces the carbon emissions of the flare.

How can we help you make use of your flaregas?


Industries Served

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