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  • How much does delivered natural gas cost?
    For projects with larger gas consumption, our CNG can be sold per MMBtu at a price that is less than the equivalent BTU content of propane, LNG or Diesel. Gas costs are quoted on a case by case basis and dependent on the amount of consumption your savings can be substantial.
  • How is natural gas delivered and replentished?
    CNG Direct delivers a CNG storage trailer to your site that is sized based on your gas consumption. The trailer stays on site feeding a constant supply of pipeline quality natural gas. When the storage trailer is depleted, another trailer is pulled alongside and connected for a seamless transfer of the gas load.
  • Why CNG vs LNG & Propane?
    CNG transportation is scalable to multiple applications with various consumption rates. Where LNG comes in large 10,000 gallon 50’ cryogenic trailers, CNG can be scaled down to trailers that can be towed by a ¾ ton pickup. CNG is also safer than LNG and Propane
  • Is compressed natural gas (CNG) safe to use?
    CNG is the safest form of transporting natural gas. While it is under high pressure, it is stored at ambient temperature in cylinders that are able to withstand high heat and impacts. CNG avoids the dangers of LNG which requires cryogenic storage, requiring careful handling. Natural gas is also lighter than air, so it dissipates into the atmosphere instead of collecting on the ground like Propane. CNG Direct's staff takes every precaution to make sure your work site is safe.
  • What pressure is CNG delivered at?
    Our CNG tanks operate at a pressure of 3,600PSI. Gas pressures are regulated down to meet the required pressure for any application.
  • Where does the natural gas that CNG Direct uses come from?
    CNG Direct has a few sources of natural gas. Most come directly from the natural gas pipeline.
  • What's the most gas CNG Direct can provide in a day to a project?
    We can deliver up to 2,000 MMBTU per day. It all depends on location and duration on the project.
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