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RNG Produced at California Dairy Transported by CNG Trailers

Trucking Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) Using Virtual Pipeline Transportation Services

CNG Tube Trailers Transport RNG via Virtual Pipeline Solution

RNG Hauling Services

Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) is a growing industry fueled by the desire to reduce greenhouse gases and carbon. Most renewable natural gas is created through anaerobic digesters. Biogas that’s created through the anaerobic digesters is then purified – removing siloxanes, hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide -  to create biomethane. Biomethane or RNG can then be sold into the national gas grid for usage.

Dairies, swine farms, wastewater treatment plants, and landfills all have successfully created RNG from their various waste feedstocks. Methane that would have escaped into the atmosphere is now being collected and renewed.

CNG Direct partners with RNG developers, municipalities, engineers and consultants to design sustainable virtual pipeline services. Our services help transport the created RNG gases from their origination location to a gas grid interconnect point. Gas flows from digester, through gas conditioning/upgrading equipment to a compressor which is used to fill the RNG tube trailers. CNG Direct operates daily truck and logistics for loading the trailers, transporting the RNG over the road and to an offloading gas grid injection point.

When a traditional pipeline isn't feasible

Virtual "over the road" pipelines are cost effective, sustainable and can be deployed quickly to monetize your RNG.

RNG Trucking Services

CNG Direct Difference

We design and manufacture inhouse our CNG storage tube trailers and offloading pressure reducing equipment for hauling  renewable natural gas (RNG).

We provide turnkey hauling and logistics services to operate our CNG/RNG trailers. We do not outsource our trucking to 3rd party companies. Our hazmat-endorsed drivers are 100% employees of CNG Direct. 

We right-size our trailers and offloading equipment based on our customer’s daily RNG production volumes and travel distances to create an efficient virtual pipeline strategy.

We can provide a variety financial options: selling, renting or leasing our CNG trailers and decompression equipment.

As each project is unique, we can provide feasibility studies and insights into your specific goals.

Contact us today to discuss your RNG project.


Industries Served

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