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What to do when utility connections are delayed on your newly constructed industrial plant

Building out new commercial construction such as a new plant or industrial operation is no easy task. Real estate, banking/financing, permits, architects, engineers, construction, contractors and company stakeholders … it’s difficult to ensure everyone is aligned and timelines coincide to commission your new plant/operation on schedule.

One of these challenges that is often overlooked or simply assumed, is the ability for the local utilities to provide the electric power and natural gas your new operation will require upon its commissioning. We tend to assume, due to the reliability and expansive electrical and natural gas infrastructure, that our basic needs for electricity and natural gas will be there when we need them.

But your new construction requires a lot of power. Electrical lines with increased capacity need to be run and gas meters need to be upgraded to provide the utility resources your new operation requires to run at its full capacity.

Often times the timeline for these upgrades are underestimated as utilities are backlogged and/or delayed. And in the end, you have a masterpiece of completed new construction but with no power! You’re ready to move in, get producing and drive your business forward, but without the utility power and gas connected, you’re stuck. You’re paying for the construction and loan financing, but not able to operate in your new facility. Meanwhile, thousands of dollars each day of opportunity cost are wasted due to non-operation.

We help companies in this situation by being your temporary utility for electric and natural gas. We provide temporary power (through generators) and deliver natural gas (through truck delivered gas solutions) direct to your site. With our power and gas services you can run your plant seamlessly, without compromise while you wait on utility connections.

For power generation, we can supply clean-burning, natural gas fueled generators. No matter how little or much power you require, we can provide for your electric needs. Natural gas generators are more cost effective than diesel-fueled generators as they save thousands per month on fuel costs. We fuel our natural gas generators through our compressed natural gas storage trailers. These natural gas fueling trailers are swapped out when empty with full ones. This system creates a seamless supply of natural gas fuel for the generators- which in-turn provides you the reliable electrical power you require.

At the same time, our natural gas storage trailers can also be plumbed to connect directly with your site’s natural gas pipeline feed. We then provide and supply the natural gas your new facility requires. We can set the pressure of the natural gas feed to meet your facility requirements. In this method, your heaters, boilers, furnaces, dryers, or any other equipment that require natural gas are supplied and fueled…just like your natural gas utility will eventually supply.

Compressed Natural Gas Tube Trailer Fuels Generators
Natural Gas Supply for Power Generation on New Construction

Our electric and natural gas services are temporary solutions while you wait for the utility’s service to be established. We can provide these services for as short as a few days to as long as you require. We have some customers that solely depend on our solution as their permanent utility solution.

How can we help you get your new construction up and running with power and gas?


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